Multimedia in many ways has transformed the learning methods and methodologies of today. Multimedia learning content enables learners to interact with the application, increasing involvement during learning and therefore allows a more effective knowledge acquisition.

In partnership with Halal Development Corporation (HDC), GAE has developed coursewares for Halal Awareness Programme and Asas Fardhu ‘Ain. Halal Awareness Programme is an interactive course for basic introduction to the concept of halal and the various legislation surrounding Halal Certification in Malaysia.

Perkara Asas Fardhu ‘Ain is an interactive CD programme aimed at Muslim children aged 10 to 15, it presents the core understanding of Muslim teachings for Fardhu ‘Ain through video and animation.

Who We Are:

The acronym GAE is for Group Associated Engineers, the renaming was to better relate the new core business of the company which is engineering. GAE expanded into the ICT industry. With engineering as part of its core principal values, GAE has always been able to provide innovative and valuable solutions in its ICT projects.

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